Oct 21, 2020

WebSimSo - Vanilla HTML CSS Javascript

WebSimSo was my first freelance project. It was a simple project with vanilla HTML CSS and javascript. The site is backed by PHP server which is developed by another developer.

In this project, I learned to make use of the fundamentals of plain HTML CSS and JS without any external libray, all hand written. I was given the design of the project with has a few pages as below:

Home page

Home Page

Top up

Top Up

Port number

Port Number



The styles are hand written and responsive

Media queries

Media queries

Home page - mobile

Home Page - Mobile

Lessons Learned

  • - Starting from absolute scratch gives me total control over the project
  • - Building a frontend application with vanilla HTML CSS JS is absolutely possible, but...
  • - Vanila HTML CSS JS is not scalable hard to scale, there is duplicated code everywhere
  • - There is a ton of open source libraries and frameworks that solve common problems and provides a much better development experience as well as performance, which I have applied in my next project
  • - Working in a team has pros and cons but with good communication, people can make others' lives much better and efficient